At Cool, Soft & Chic we create, for female and male customers, a range of waterproof trench coats, coat jackets, capes and ponchos, simple and reversible, with a velvety “peach” touch.  We select comfortable raw materials with a pleasant touch and create versatile models that are easy to wear and combine. We produce locally, focus on social and environmental responsibility and create a team of specialists with expertise required to deliver quality items to our customers.

We do all the creation, design, selection of raw materials, promotion and sale of all articles, investing into national quality for the global market. With the aim of reducing the environmental impact, we take advantage of the textile waste from the cut to elaborate the bags of the raincoats and we are in the experimental stage so that other parts of the product are also a use of this textile waste.

Our waterproof clothing is perfect for daily use, casual, walks or travels. Our brand is at the beginning or its way towards internationalization. So far, we participated in a few international fairs in the Spanish, Austrian and Italian markets. Stores with waterproof clothing by Cool, Soft & Chic can already be found in Lisbon, Porto, Paris and Vienna, and we are planning to add more cities worldwide.